What We Do

Mid-American Salt is headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana with operations located throughout the Great Lakes, Midwest River System and along the East Coast. Our #1 priority is the Commercial Snow & Ice Professional, but we also supply many homeowners, municipalities and state DOTs. Our Fort Wayne location also provides products and service to Commercial Snow & Ice Professionals in the region and our global resources enable us to import high quality products from around the world. Mid-American Salt can deliver these products to any location in North America. These products include bulk road salt, bagged ice melt, Magnesium, Calcium, water softener salt, industrial salt, food grade salt, animal feed salt, equipment and supplies.

Mid-American Salt has become the fastest-growing salt distributor in North America by providing our customers with the highest quality products and exceptional service. Our reliable supply chain includes sources throughout North America, Africa, Europe, and South America. We provide salt products to our customers by bag, pallet, truckload, rail car, barge, and vessel and our logistics expertise ensures our customers don’t run out of product.

Mid-American Salt conducts business based on open communication, honesty and integrity and we appreciate our customers and the trust they place with us. We are constantly finding supply solutions for our customers and partnering with them to help them gain a competitive advantage. We strive to do precisely what we’ve promised and we hold our supply partners to these same standards.

Why Us?

Mid-American Salt has established the most reliable supply of high quality imported salt in North America and we can offer the Commercial Snow & Ice Professionals a stable supply of SSM salt in all markets. Our SSM salt mine in Morocco is one of the highest quality deep shaft mines in the world. SSM produces high quality salt and is known for high purity and low moisture. Their SSM quality system is ISO 9001 certified assuring they produce consistent high quality salt vessel after vessel.

Our customers are important and we appreciate the opportunity to provide them with our products and service in all markets and in all conditions. Our commercial customers have learned they no longer have to worry about running out of salt or receiving inconsistent quality. The commercial market is our top priority.