Mid-American Salt has been able to deliver when others couldn’t.  Our logistics expertise enables us to move large tonnage very quickly and provide emergency shipments in the most extreme conditions.  Whether it’s a single truckload or an entire vessel, we can deliver.  Mid-American Salt has partnered with the best logistics providers to assure we offer logistics solutions to our customers.

Where we ship

Mid-American Salt can ship anywhere in North America. We can work with our customers to determine the best shipping option and provide support at any level. Our vessels ship into the Great Lakes through the St. Lawrence Seaway, the River System through New Orleans and into ports all along the East Coast.

River System

Mid-American Salt can deliver to virtually any terminal capable of discharging bulk cargo from barges and is permitted to transfer or store salt. Current terminal locations include St. Louis, MO; Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN; Cincinnati, OH; Jeffersonville, IN/Louisville, KY; Aurora, IN, East Liverpool, OH; Industry, PA; and Pittsburgh, PA.

East Coast

Mid-American Salt can deliver by vessel to any terminal with adequate draft depth and the ability to handle bulk cargo. Our vessels are equipped with gears and grabs or can be discharged with shore cranes.

Great Lakes

Mid-American Salt can deliver by vessel to the Great Lakes terminals including Hamilton, Windsor, Oshawa, Oswego, Ashtabula, Cleveland, Toledo, Milwaukee, Muskegon, Detroit, Cleveland, and many more.