Bulk Salt

Bulk HOT ROCK (Road Salt)

Produced to specifications that allow the road salt to perform as if it were a hot (treated) salt itself. Contractors experience significant savings due to the superior melting power of our Bulk HOT ROCK. Bulk HOT ROCK has a natural pink/tan color which enables contractors to see where the product is being spread leading to a more precise application. This extra control results in significant savings in salt usage. Unique chemical properties and specific gradation allow HOT ROCK to outperform other bulk road salts in the industry. We simply say…Try it yourself and tell us what you think!

Bulk HOT ROCK Extreme

We treat our bulk HOT ROCK with a proprietary blend of hot liquid chlorides, organic additives, and green color. This allows the salt to perform during the most extreme weather conditions. Bulk HOT ROCK Extreme is effective at melting ice and snow at -20 degrees. Our organic additives produce residual melting power that stays on the ground’s surface even after the ice, snow, and salt are gone. This allows for customers to use less salt for future applications as winter progresses.

Bulk HOT ROCK Mediums

Our Bulk HOT ROCK is screened to a our customer’s specification making it perfect for the bagging industry. Combine this particle size with some of the highest purity, driest salt, and the most reliable supply chain in the world and you have the perfect raw material for every ice melt bagging company in the United States.